Stop patting yourself on the back, EV owners.

Let me start by saying I will be an EV owner in the next year or two once quality, mass-market options become more available.

Electric Vehicles (EV) appear to be the future. No carbon tailpipe emissions, better drive-ability with instant torque, and generally safer. It appears much of the EV community believes they will save humanity. Of course this is an exaggeration (well, I guess maybe some do actually believe this). It’s certainly an important step to reduce air pollution is many urban areas around the world, but it’s not quite that simple. You know the phrase “out of sight, out of mind?”

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Luxury e-SUVs: Audi e-tron vs. Mercedes-Benz EQC


Audi and Mercedes will soon (or now!) be releasing all-electric SUVs for the mass-market, the 2019 e-tron and 2020 EQC respectively, the first such vehicles from these proven luxury automakers. I’m excited to explore these in more detail as more families, including my own, look to make the switch to battery power. Based on info reports and reveals, let’s do a quick compare. One could argue to look at the trio which includes the nicely reviewed Jaguar I-Pace, but for now I’ll focus on these new Germans. Just for fun I’ll include a rating based on my personal opinion.

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Tesla Model 3 – transported back to the 80’s


As this is a NIO forum I’d much prefer to write about NIO, but as the company is in initial stages of production starting in China the information as of now is few and far between. So, in the meantime, I’ve been catching up on EVs in general with a lot of time spent on Twitter under the handle @talkNIO. As some of you know, I have no affiliation to NIO and make no money from this forum.

Tesla Model 3

I really hate to resort writing about Tesla, but my observations about the car have me majorly perplexed. I’m not a “short” or a “long”; I have ZERO stock in Tesla nor any other auto manufacturer. I’m solely interested in all things cars and the revolution underway to electric.

I’ll try and keep my thoughts as structured as possible.

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